Wednesday, October 12, 2005

She’s All Yours

Apparently Laura Bush thinks it’s sexism that is generating all the mean talk about Harriet Miers. Well, Mrs. Bush, perhaps you ought to be talking to people in your own party, because it’s gangs like Concerned Women for America and the like that are opposing her the loudest.

I will admit that the recently revealed correspondence from Ms. Miers to the president do sound a little like notes kids pass in study hall, but all that tells me is that if you’re going to be a toady, don’t do it via Hallmark. (Note to self: if nominated for the Supreme Court, clean out the boxes in the garage marked “Old Letters.”)

So far the Democrats seem to be handling this delicately, letting the tightie righties have their hissy-fits. They’re the ones who are now demanding that she answer all the questions they told John Roberts not to answer, and they’re prepping themselves to fight back — against the White House.

Republican staff members on the Judiciary Committee usually research and prepare arguments to defend the president’s nominees. But Republican staff members on the panel said committee lawyers were doing research to rebut the “talking points” the White House has provided for senators to support Ms. Miers’s nomination.

For example, committee lawyers said, the White House has told senators and conservative activists that Ms. Miers, as White House counsel, deserves credit for helping Mr. Bush select many strongly conservative federal judges. But lawyers for the committee say Ms. Miers, who became White House counsel last year, had no role in the most significant nominations.

To quote the immortal Toby Ziegler, “Ginger, get the popcorn!”