Saturday, October 22, 2005

That’s Just Sick

From the War Room at

No one knows exactly where Hurricane Wilma is headed just now, but the same charming folks who celebrated Katrina’s destruction of New Orleans are praying that the latest Category 4 storm strikes hard into the heart of Florida.

In an e-mail message, Columbia Christians for Life — the group that saw a six-week-old fetus in the satellite images of Katrina — says “Christian patriots” should “consider praying, imprecatorily, that God might be pleased to use His Hurricane … to destroy some of Florida’s 73 child-murder-by-abortion centers.”

In a sign of moderation, however, the group seems to be advancing a sort of reverse-neutron-bomb theory of divine retribution, advising its followers that they “can pray for God to destroy the bricks and mortar of these government-protected death camps without praying for harm to human life.”

Sick bastards.