Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Better Late Than Never

President Bush plans to release his National Strategy for Victory in Iraq. He’s doing it at a speech at the US Naval Academy where he’s guaranteed a friendly audience.

So what’s in it? Well, according to White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan,

I think one purpose of providing this document is so that the American people can have a clear sense of our strategy for success in Iraq, and so that they can see how we look at the enemy, the nature of the enemy that we’re facing and they can see how we define success in Iraq and how we are going about achieving victory in Iraq. And that’s an important thing for the American people to be able to look at and understand.

In other words, the same old crap. “We invaded a sovereign nation, turned it into a quagmire that makes Vietnam look like Club Med, grew a whole new generation of terrorists who if they didn’t already hate us before really do now, and we have absolutely no clue as to how to get out with a shred of dignity or any idea when the co-dependent government we put in place will actually be able to do anything other than fight among themselves.”

Sounds like a plan.