Saturday, November 5, 2005

No Further Proof Needed

If last week’s little demonstration by Iran — calling for the elimination of Israel — didn’t convince you that the people who run that country are just plain nuts, perhaps this little squib from the National Post will help.

Iran has launched an attack on Canada at the United Nations, claiming Ottawa is in no position to censure the Islamic republic over its human rights record.

Canada is due to propose a motion at the General Assembly next week that calls on members to pass a resolution demanding Iran enact reforms, including bans on torture and execution by stoning.

Now Iranian officials have combed through the results of numerous human rights inquiries in Canada to come up with evidence of human rights abuses across the country.


“Some may think that Canada may have reached a level of human rights record that allows it to point its finger at others in order to criticize their human rights records,” Mostafa Alaei, director of the department of human rights at the Iranian Foreign Ministry, told a General Assembly committee on Wednesday.

“We took a cursory look at the UN documents, and the reports of NGOs such as Amnesty International, to verify this perception,” he said. “Astonishingly, we found otherwise. We have obtained piles of credible and reliable information suggesting that the violation of human rights in Canada … are at some stages, alarming.”


Although Mr. Alaei mentioned Amnesty International in support of his criticism of Canada, the human rights organization says it does not grade countries and Iran has stepped over a line by focusing on Canada.

“The idea of a government using the fact other governments are criticized for their human rights record as an excuse to … continue to violate the rights of their own citizens is absolutely unacceptable,” said John Tackaberry, spokesman for Amnesty International Canada.

I realize Iran is in a desperate position of trying to put on their own road production of “Springtime for Hitler,” but come on. Canada abusing human rights? Sheesh. The only thing that the Canadian government has done systematically to abuse anyone is the recent lock-out at CBC, which meant that Hockey Night in Canada went without a commentator and the CBC Radio Two played Bolero ten times a day.