Saturday, November 12, 2005

Not Much to Say

It’s interesting to go over to the Daou Report and read the reaction of the blogs on the right to Bush’s speech. Most of the comments are about the reaction of the left instead of the speech itself. For example, Glenn Reynolds got himself in hot water when he apparently offered the opinion that people who say Bush lied about the runup to the war are unpatriotic. Leaving aside that little paean to lese majeste, I suspect that most of the righties are leaving Bush’s reversion to — or continuation of — Campaign 2004 out there without really defending what he said. In The Bullpen wonders what all the fuss is about; the president didn’t spend that much time on defending himself, so what’s the big deal?

I suspect it’s probably because they know that there’s not a whole lot there to defend. Regardless of whether or not Bush lied or the administration fudged the evidence to get us into the war, the speech was little more than a temper tantrum in front of a hand-picked audience that was sure to applaud on cue. The fact that he did it on Veterans Day and sent Vice President Cheney — he of five deferments for “other priorities” — to lay the wreath at Arlington speaks volumes about the president’s priorities: “Screw the veterans; this is about me!” No wonder over two-thirds of the country think he’s been dishonest about the war, and no wonder the right wing is having a hard time — for the moment — coming to his defense.