Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Speaking of Useful Idiots…

Rush Limbaugh, noted war hero — oh, wait — referred to Rep. John Murtha as a useful idiot on his radio show.

LIMBAUGH: Not really that interested in Murtha, ladies and gentlemen, to tell you the truth. I know he got everybody’s dander up all last week, but I think he’s just the useful idiot of the moment. He’s just — I mean I’m not taking away from his service in Vietnam. Uh, it’s — it’s not his service that we are questioning. We’re questioning his judgment here.

What kind of serious hawk calls for withdrawals like this? He talks about — they portray this guy as a former hawk — I don’t think he ever has been a hawk in the — in his career as a congress — as a congressman. He advocated pulling out of Somalia, as I say.

But it isn’t about Murtha. Murtha’s irrelevant in all this. This is about our troops and our national security. Murtha’s just getting his 15 minutes of fame like Cindy Sheehan got, and like [former Texas Air National Guard Lt. Col.] Bill Burkett got. Bill Burkett got almost a year. The Jersey Girls, [former National Security Council counterterrorism coordinator] Richard Clarke, [former U.S. ambassador] Joseph Wilson, you name it — just the latest member of the endless parade of personalities around whom the Democrats can circle and support.

Since the Republicans made Mr. Limbaugh an honorary Member of Congress, maybe he and Jean Schmidt can take a cottage by the sea together.