Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Support Your Local Blogger

Eschaton put up a nice appeal to his huge audience, and I concur.

Whether you want to support Josh Marshall’s growing professional empire or provide beer/rent money to your favorite “amateur” blogger it really is a good idea to throw a little support behind your favorite bloggers now and then. While it’s easy and fun to set up a blog and post about things now and then, it’s much harder to stay in the game consistently longer term, and that’s something which really is necessary to build up the audience/credibility which allows someone to have a larger impact. Inevitably that pulls people somewhat away from family/career/etc.

I personally probably won’t be making any fundraising pitches unless either my financial situation changes or I have a grand idea for empire expansion, though I of course always appreciate the tips, but please consider donating a bit now and again to your favorite bloggers.

I am not echoing this as an appeal on my behalf for donations; the cost of running this blog is negligible. Sure, I welcome a tip or especially the purchases from the Bark Bark Woof Woof Shop, but I also think you can support blogs by engaging them in constructive commentary and passing on what you read to others, whether or not they agree with you or the blogger. The most important currency in our society is unfettered and informed communication, fair and spirited discussion, and the exercise of our common freedoms, and I would like to see that passed around, too. (Well, yes, a Bark Bark Woof Woof coffee mug would make a dandy stocking-stuffer.)