Monday, November 21, 2005

The Staged Reading

The staged reading of Can’t Live Without You that was held last night was the first time I’d heard the play read outloud by actors. I suppose that playwrights who go through these on a regular basis get used to it, but I still felt the thrill of hearing other people — especially the talented cast I had — read the words and bring the characters to life. And wow, did they. There were times when it was like I was hearing the lines for the first time, and I found myself waiting for the response from the other character as if I didn’t know what was coming.

When it was over we talked about it; they asked questions and offered very good insight that I had never thought of — after all, I’m only the playwright — and some suggestions for clarifying and tightening, all of which I took under grateful consideration.

The highest compliment a playwright can pay to a cast and a director is, “That’s what I meant when I wrote it.” So to Mark, Ross, Rebecca, Maha, Chris, and especially The Old Professor, I say that to you all. Thank you very much.