Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Upyernoz at rubber hose raises a good point about the legality of the U.S. government paying for propagnda that is broadcast to U.S. citizens.

the legal ban is against propaganda directed at the u.s. public. it is legal for the u.s. government to fund propaganda directed against a foreign audience.

which is why i wonder about the legality of the u.s. military sponsoring conservative bloggers to produce more positive coverage of the war. it’s pretty clear that the bloggers in question primarily have a u.s. audience. how is inviting committed conservatives to embed because the military is “frustrated by the coverage they were receiving from the news media.”

I’ll leave the finer points of the legal debate to lawyers, but it does make me wonder how bad the situation must be if the Bush administration feels that is has to pay bloggers to write positive stuff about the war and their policies. I mean, come on. If it has gotten to the point where they have to bribe someone to put a polish on a turd — even if the bloggers believe in what they’re doing — it says the administration is treating the war as just another campaign blitz. All this talk about “victory” takes on a different light when it’s about not just implanting “freedom and democracy” in Iraq but defeating the critics at home.