Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Film Notes

From the Los Angeles Times:

Actor-director Mel Gibson’s company has a deal to develop a Holocaust miniseries for ABC, the network said. The miniseries will be adapted from Flory A. Van Beek’s 1998 memoir, “Flory: Survival in the Valley of Death,” recounting her family’s experiences hiding from the Nazis in Holland. Writer Cynthia Saunders will adapt.

ABC spokeswoman Annie Fort said no actors had been cast. Through his Icon Productions, Gibson directed “The Passion of the Christ,” one of the top-grossing pictures of 2004.

Given that a lot of people thought “The Passion of the Christ” was blatantly anti-Semitic and Mr. Gibson’s father is on the record as a Holocaust denier, this should be interesting.

What’s next: David Duke producing a re-make of “Roots”?