Friday, December 2, 2005

Friday Catblogging

I don’t have a cat, but this is an old card that’s been around for years and hanging on my bulletin board at work for at least ten years. I’m sure others have used it on their blogs, but what the hell…

Sometimes the weekend can’t come soon enough.

Bob has a cat named Skitz (as in “Schizoid”) that is restricted to his house and enclosed patios due to the inherent problem of fleas and other vermin in South Florida. On the rare occasion that Skitz gets out, he is immediately subjected to a flea bath. I attended one of these and was amazed. It takes place behind closed doors, yet you can hear Skitz’s objections from down the block, and once they heard it, five banshees got out of the business. This picture reminds me of that episode in feline cleanliness.