Saturday, December 24, 2005

Go to Warp 9

When I got home from dinner with Bob and the Old Professor (I had jerk chicken and a bottle of Ting at the Island Delight Jamaican restaurant in West Kendall), there was a box on the porch. My DSL modem had arrived. It is now installed and going like…well, Warp 9. Yip yah!

The only problem is that coincidentally or not with my switchover from dial-up to DSL, MSN e-mail has decided to act up on Outlook. I can receive e-mail on my MSN account, I just can’t send any out. The Hotmail account in Outlook works fine both incoming and outgoing, but on MSN I get “The connection to the server was interrupted. Contact your ISP.” First I was on with “Marie” in who wanted me to re-load Outlook, but while she put me on hold to consult with her supervisor, I got disconnected. Two more attempts to call back got me in touch with “Alex” who put me on to the E-Mail help desk with “Chuck” who assured me it wasn’t my problem; they were having trouble with their SMTP servers. Heard that one before. I wanted to make sure it had nothing to do with switching from dial-up to DSL, but he said it was on their end and to check back with them tomorrow. Trust me, Chuck, I will.

Anyway, I’m finally up to speed, so to speak, for browsing and blogging. Make it so.