Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Taking it Easy

Sorry about the lightness of blogging here this week. Not only is it that sort of nether world between two holidays as Tom Allen pointed out on Music & Company this morning (another advantage of DSL is that CBC Radio Two comes in beautifully in full stereo), I’m still putting up with the annoyance of having a cold. My voice has reached the full-throated level of Lucille Ball in her last years and the sneezing — three in a row — has reached ballistic proportions. Aspirin and gallons of water have been helpful, but I’m also feeling like I need to get back to work on the writing. The published chapters of Small Town Boys are catching up with what I’ve actually written, and so to keep pace I need to spend some time on that.

So enjoy yourself here by exploring some of the links on the blogroll and if you have the opportunity, stop by The Practical Press, catch up on your reading, and vote for the Practical Press awards.

Right now a hot shower and some coffee sounds like a ticket to Paradise.