Tuesday, December 6, 2005

The Judge Who Saved Christmas

From the New York Times:

It is the time of year when bedtime stories and television specials often recall the plucky reindeer and the little girl of Whoville who managed to save Christmas. This year, some conservative groups are hoping to add a new name to that pantheon of heroes: Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr., the Supreme Court nominee.

“Liberal groups like People for the American Way and the A.C.L.U. have opposed public Christmas and Hanukkah displays and even fought to keep Christmas carols out of school,” declares a radio commercial paid for by the conservative Committee for Justice beginning Monday in Colorado, Wisconsin and West Virginia, states whose senators are considered pivotal votes on Judge Alito.

“Some courts and judges have supported this radical agenda, but not Judge Sam Alito,” it continues. “Throughout his career, Judge Alito has consistently upheld the Constitution’s protection of free religious expression.”

Fidelis, a conservative Roman Catholic group, has begun an Internet advertisement and plans to buy radio commercials with a similar theme as early as next week. “Judge Alito ruled against the A.C.L.U.’s attempt to scrub away our religious heritage,” a narrator says, recalling an opinion Judge Alito wrote upholding a Jersey City display including a Nativity scene and a menorah.

Oooh, the evil ACLU tries to out-grinch the Grinch! What a noble hero Judge Alito is for all the good little superstitious Christianists who get to have their way! Deck us all with Boston Charlie!

The only real surprise is that this ad isn’t being done in Claymation with Morgan Freeman doing the narration.