Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Library is Closed

Keith Kisser, one of the original founders of The Liberal Coalition, has decided to pack it in.

As of now, the Invisible library is closed. I don’t have enough spare time to work on my blog and work on my novel and artwork. And life’s too short to risk getting fired blogging at work. So, the lights are off and the doors closed for good.

But I’m not going away altogether. My website will remain, and soon I’ll have both a gallery of cat pictures up, plus my illustrated novella as a PDF to download. I may even have real paper and ink books for sale soon. Plus, I’ll be around as a reader and commentator.

I’ve enjoyed being not just a blogger but also part of the Liberal Coalition. You’ve all made it a blast and well worth the while. Sometimes, I even think someone out there reads my words and understands something about the world I see and how I see it. As an aspiring author, that’s all I can hope for.

The Invisible Library was one of my first links three years ago, and Keith’s writing, both on the blog and on his creative site, were intelligent and thought-provoking. He’ll be missed.

Thanks for everything, Keith. Keep in touch.