Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Annals of Demagoguery

President Bush skates very close to the “T” word.

“There is a difference between responsible and irresponsible debate and it’s even more important to conduct this debate responsibly when American troops are risking their lives overseas,” Bush told the Veterans of Foreign Wars.


He added, “So I ask all Americans to hold their elected leaders to account and demand a debate that brings credit to our democracy, not comfort to our adversaries.”

Bush did not mention names, but aides said he was referring to Democratic Party chief Howard Dean, along with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, and Sen. Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, among others.

Did you notice the nice little whiff of the Constitutional definition of treason in that last quote? How clever of the president to lay that little turd out there in front of the VFW. He’s not saying that everyone who disagrees with his conduct of the war is a traitor…just the Democrats.

Mr. Bush expects everyone, including his critics, to kiss his commodious ass so that he can go on telling the world that things are going so well in Iraq — look, another school got painted! — and quashing any discussion about how the war is conducted by accusing his critics of treason. This kind of bullshit in front of the VFW is typical of this guileless and disingenuous administration; smirking its way through these little accusations like a taunting bully but clearly unwilling to face its critics — many of whom have a knowledge of military tactics and Middle East politics — because they know they will lose the debate. So the only recourse they have is to accuse the opposition of treason, effectively ending the discussion by sheer force of demagoguery.

The only comfort our adversaries are getting is watching as this administration chips away at the basic rules of democracy with its cavalier violation of the Bill of Rights, brags of their excesses of executive power, and comes up with lame-ass excuses for its inability provide the basic needs of the armed forces — like body armor — it has sent to fight this war that they started.

If patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, then accusing your opponent of treason is the last refuge of the desperate.