Sunday, January 8, 2006

Brunch with Elayne

It was a bright sunny Sunday morning in the East Village. After clearing up some small confusion (a transposed digit on a phone number), Elayne of Pen-Elayne and I met outside the designated restaurant. It wasn’t open yet, so we strolled up to a Starbucks, got some hot chocolate, and browsed through a bookstore and found little treasures. We went back to the restaurant only to find it crowded with no seating available. After some disconsolation on our part, we found an even better place to eat and we enjoyed the staple of Sunday brunches everywhere: Eggs Benedict.

But by far the best part was the conversation and getting to know each other — at least from my perspective. Elayne’s extraordinary gift of writing with humor and flair on her blog only begins to give you the insight to the humor and fun of her in person, and the time passed all too quickly as we told stories about everything from our jobs to our families to favorite places to live to cooking and Christmas. I truly wish I could get to meet most of the people I blog with at TLC and elsewhere; while their writing gives great insight, I’ve found that in the two cases where I’ve met them in person it is only the beginning.

Thanks for making the schlep in from the Bronx, Elayne. It was great to see you, and I love that smile.