Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Catching Up

I’ve been a little behind in a lot of things, what with the holidays, the trip to New York, and being sick, so here’s some stuff that’s been going on that I need to catch up with and alert you to as well.

  • The Practical Press Award nominations are closed, so get ready to vote for your choices.
  • A group of us Florida bloggers led by Kenneth Quinnell of T. Rex’s Guide to Life have have joined forces and pixels to put together the Sunshine State Progressive Bloggers. We will be focusing on politics here in Florida as the 2006 election approaches, and I’ve been doing some background on getting in touch with some candidates so that they can see that blogging is going to be a force to be recognized in the coverage of the elections. We would welcome your attention and comments.
  • Ricky at The Life of a Teenage Liberal… spent most of the fall in hack (to use a term from The Caine Mutiny), meaning he couldn’t do much blogging. Well, he’s back, he’s revamped his site, and he’s blogging again. Stop by and give him some props for being a progressive voice that writes about stuff that people over the age of 15 actually care about.
  • I promise to get back to my regular schedule of blogging with my usual lame smart-ass comments in the next day or two.