Sunday, January 8, 2006

From the Annals of Bigotry – a Continuing Series

A movie theatre in Utah has yanked Brokeback Mountain.

A movie theater owned by Utah Jazz owner Larry Miller abruptly changed its screening plans and decided not to show the film “Brokeback Mountain.” The film, an R-rated Western gay romance story, was supposed to open Friday at the Megaplex at Jordan Commons in Sandy, a suburb of Salt Lake City. Instead it was pulled from the schedule.

A message posted at the ticket window read: “There has been a change in booking and we will not be showing ‘Brokeback Mountain.’ We apologize for any inconvenience.”


Gayle Ruzicka, president of the conservative Utah Eagle Forum, said not showing the film set an example for the people of Utah.

“I just think (pulling the show) tells the young people especially that maybe there is something wrong with this show,” she said.

Ms. Ruzicka should note that the film is rated R. That means no one under seventeen is admitted without parent or guardian. So the chances are that the only “young people” who are going to see the film are there with their parents who know that there is nothing wrong with the film except for the unwarranted fuss that it’s raised with the pompous, arrogant, and homophobic bigots who haven’t even seen the film.

On the other hand, it’s attitudes like that of Ms. Ruzicka that made a story like “Brokeback Mountain” possible. The issues and the tragedy in the story are put in place by people like her. So in a backhanded way, the bigots and the fools that rail against showing this film are proving the point of the story. I guess in some small way we should be grateful, but it’s a hell of a price to pay.

PS: I plan to write a full review of the film in the coming days.