Monday, January 9, 2006

Little Blogger in the Big City – On the Town

After the matinee of Jersey Boys today, John and some friends — Matt Scott and his friend Kirsten, plus Allison, John’s girlfriend — and I went to dinner at a nice little Italian place around the corner from the theatre. We had a great time talking theatre shop and talking about the show and the future. Here’s some shots of us all having a good time.

That’s Kirsten, Matt, John, and Allison all together. Matt is starting rehearsal this week as a new member of the cast of the show.

Here’s John and Allison; don’t they make a great couple?

Here I am with John, the newest star on Broadway.

I had a great time here in the Big Apple, and I hope this isn’t as long between now and my next visit as it was between now and my last — three years. Of course, now I have a couple of more reasons to visit here.

Off to bed for a good night’s sleep before my early flight out tomorrow.

[Apologies for typos now corrected. I hate the small keyboards on laptops.]