Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Speaking of Voting…

Polls are open at The Practical Press for the inaugural Practical Press Awards. Categories include:

  • The Charles Dickens Award
    Best Serialized Story – Complete or nearly complete
  • The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Award
    Best Serialized Story – Incomplete or just beginning
  • The Ray Bradbury Award
    Best Short Story (or excerpt) – Horror/Thriller/Sci Fi/Fantasy
  • The Flannery O’Connor Award
    Best Short Story (or excerpt) – Literary Fiction
  • The Robert Frost Award
    Best Poem
  • The Jewel Award
    Worst Poem (from Bad Poetry Friday)
  • The Brian Wilson Award
    Best Audio/Musical Post (song, reading, dramatization, lyrics)
  • The Lanford Wilson Award
    Best Play/Screenplay or excerpt
  • The Best of the Competition Award
    Goes to the best literary site other than the Practical Press.
  • The Stephen King Award
    Goes to the best mass-published book of 2005
  • Yours humbly has been nominated for a couple of these, but I hope you won’t let that influence your choice (too much…) because there is a lot of really interesting and creative work being done over there.