Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Brat Pack

From CNN:

Reacting to a new book quoting Karl Rove as saying she will be the 2008 Democratic nominee for president, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that President Bush’s chief political strategist “spends a lot of time obsessing about me.”

The former first lady also said she believed Rove, national GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman and other Republicans are using her to divert attention from Republican problems as the 2006 congressional elections approach.

“Karl Rove is a brilliant strategist. So, if I were thinking about this,” she told WROW-AM radio in Albany, “I’d say, why are they spending so much time talking about me?”

“What they’re hoping is that all of their missteps, which are now numbering in the hundreds, are going to somehow be overlooked because people, instead of focusing on the ’06 election, will jump ahead and think about the next one,” said Clinton, D-New York.

In the new book out Monday from Regnery Publishing, “Strategery” by Bill Sammon, Rove is quoted as saying: “Anybody who thinks that she’s not going to be the candidate is kidding themselves.”

Rove is also quoted as says he thinks Clinton could have difficulty in the general election, in part, because there is a “brittleness about her.”

Having been a junior high school teacher, I’ve seen this kind of thing before: the geeky nerd has a huge crush on the most popular girl in class; the one that no one of his caliber can get close to, the one who can’t even get up the courage to talk to her in the hall without tripping over his shoelaces. His notebook is covered with dark permutations of her name, and the midnight fantasies — well, let’s not go there, okay?

With adolescents it’s normal behavior; it’s even cute in it’s own acne-scarred coming-of-age way. But to turn the campaign of 2008 into a remake of every 1980’s Brat Pack movie with Anthony Michael Hall and Molly Ringwald is a little odd and not exactly what the Founding Fathers envisioned, I don’t think. It’s one of the reasons I don’t want to see Hillary run for president; I’ve already seen Sixteen Candles.