Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Call It What It Is

NPR had a story on Morning Edition about Virginia preparing to vote on a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in the state. Barbara Bradley Hagerty interviewed the woman who is heading up this drive, and as is the fashion of all such proposals, she framed it not in the context of banning gay men or lesbians from marrying their partners, but in preserving the “foundation of civilization.”


I don’t care what excuses people like this come up with. They can piously talk about how heterosexual marriage has been the cornerstone of our civilization for thousands of years, they can talk about the “natural order” of human relations, and they can go on and on about how it’s better for children to be raised in an environment of one father and one mother (in spite of the overwhelming evidence that children raised in a single-parent or same-sex household do just as well in school and society as kids raised in a “traditional” family). What this comes down to is this is just another wedge issue that the Republicans and the Religious Reich are using to scare the foolish and the weak and get them to vote for their candidates, and they are using the oldest trick in the book: appealing to the fear and the innate bigotry that has sadly been proven to work time and again.

Let me put it simply: any law that would deny any citizen of this nation the rights that other citizens enjoy based solely on something as immutable as gender is bigotry. Any person who would do so is a bigot and has no place in the determination of the course of this nation or civilization.

Any questions?