Monday, February 13, 2006


I don’t expect much sympathy from anyone north of here for this, but the weather service is posting a Freeze Watch for South Florida.

A freeze watch remains in effect from late Monday night through
Tuesday morning.

High pressure in the Gulf of Mexico will move over the Florida Peninsula Monday night. Clear skies and calm winds will allow strong radiation cooling. Freezing temperatures will be possible in the interior areas away from the immediate coasts.

In the East Coast metropolitan areas… potential freezing temperatures will occur mainly in the western suburbs. In Broward County… areas mainly west of I 75 will be affected though there will be a possibility of pockets of freezing temperatures east. In Miami-Dade County… the areas mainly affected will be west of the Florida Turnpike but there could be local areas of freezing temperatures east. Patchy frost will be possible as well.

Those with sensitive plants… that can experience damage at 40 degrees or below… are advised to make preparations to protect sensitive plants. All should continue to monitor this situation. Should this forecast trend continue… a freeze warning and a frost advisory may become necessary.

A freeze watch means sub-freezing temperatures are possible. These conditions could kill crops and other sensitive vegetation.

Having spent a number of years in a part of the country where six inches of snow was considered a heavy frost, I don’t mind a cold snap every now and then. It’s when it’s six months long that makes me wish for my Jack Daniels back. Down here it’s just a good excuse to dig out my leather jacket.