Thursday, February 9, 2006

Everybody Wants to Get Into the Act

From the Washington Post:

About 100 supporters of the Minuteman Project rallied on the West Lawn of the Capitol yesterday morning, imploring the government to tighten the nation’s borders and reject guest-worker legislation.

Not long after it began, a few counter-demonstrators showed up with signs and shouted their own opinions. A short while later, when Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist began speaking, two young men dressed in black slacks, khaki shirts and red swastika armbands walked onto the lawn and headed for the rally.

“Oh, no,” said a woman with a Minuteman sticker on her coat. “Not the Nazis.”

Gilchrist looked at the two men approaching the rally. “Nazis go to hell!” he said, adding that he was going to stop the proceedings for a short time because he didn’t want the men to share the spotlight.

The two men — Paul White, 28, of Roanoke and Kevin Swift, 22, of Reston, members of the National Socialist Movement, also called America’s Nazi Party on the literature they handed out — were quickly surrounded by the media.

A couple of minutes later, they were asked by police to move along, which they did, taking up a spot across the street from the West Lawn, where they chanted slogans and posed for pictures with high school students touring the nation’s capital.

The rally quickly resumed. In addition to Gilchrist, two members of Congress — Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) and Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) — addressed the Minuteman Project supporters, calling on Congress and President Bush to plug the country’s “porous borders” and attacking proposals for guest-worker programs and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Later they all held hands and sang “Springtime for Hitler.”