Tuesday, February 7, 2006

From Under a Rock

Michael lets go with some righteous indignation at the prospect of Fred Phelps and his minions demonstrating today at the funeral of Coretta Scott King.

I am not ordinarily a violent person. But in Fred Phelps’ case, I could cheerfully make an exception. If there were any true justice in this world, he and every one of his odious band of boobs would be pushing up the daisies after having been rent limb from limb by wild dogs–or some equally grisly fate. I’m amazed, given their recent tactic of picketing military funerals, that someone hasn’t taken a potshot at them (though I suppose the honor guards at funerals are only issued blanks, so maybe they have been shot at–it’s just that nobody noticed).


They are not only clueless, deluded, hate-filled people interfering with what ought to be a dignified farewell to a beloved friend or family member, they are becoming an occasion of sin to other Christians. (I have sincere doubts about the validity of the claim of any of the Phelpsoi to the title “Christian,” but on the reasoning that God s more merciful than I give her credit for being, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.)

I need to be better than them. I need to be stronger in my own faith, such that I can truthfully hate what these people stand for and the way in which they stand for it, but without feeling hatred for them or wishing violence upon them personally.

I agree. When you see people like that, it takes a lot of inner strength not to go on the hunt for a large polo mallet.