Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Olympics Update

I’ve made it through the first week without watching any of the events.

The scuttlebutt via the few, the proud and the TiVo’d is that the best stuff has been happening off the ice and snow, like the diva dish going on between on between some of the figure skaters and the poor performance of Bode Miller, who’s made more of an impact as a crestfallen coverboy for Newsweek than a medalist.

I guess I’m nostalgic for the old days when the Olympics were a real event and there was something exotic about getting pictures via satellite from Innsbruck and Grenoble; it was up there with the moon shots in terms of public attention. Jim McKay of ABC — the Walter Cronkite of sportcasters — made it worth watching. But now, as a friend who lived in Salt Lake City in 2002 said, it’s just a sixteen-day clusterfuck with commercials.

Now, if they could merge speedskating with men’s gymnastics, I’d watch.