Monday, February 6, 2006

Super What?

Without all the hype it was like watching the Detroit Lions play the Miami Dolphins; both teams made third-string mistakes and the officiating was questionable at least once or twice. Independence Day was showing on HBO, so that was an alternative.

Some of the ads were fairly entertaining, but the only one that made me laugh out loud was the one for Aleve, the pain reliever, with Leonard Nimoy. The crowd shot of the Trekkies was worth the wait.

Other than that, it seemed to be a study in foregone conclusions, and the only thing worth waiting for during the half-time show was to see if the Rollings Stones had a wardrobe malfunction. In their case it would be if Keith Richards lost his Depends.

PS: Even the much-anticipated episode of Grey’s Anatomy was a let-down; they did that UXB bit in an early M*A*S*H episode. Lights were out by 10:20.