Thursday, February 2, 2006

Visceral Hatred

Anyone who knows me knows that I am against the death penalty. But I do have my limits; I can generate enough anger in my heart to contemplate inflicting the death penalty on my fellow human beings when I read about people who do things like this.

They’ve used hollowed-out concrete posts, heavy-duty chain links, even fake plantains to conceal illegal drugs.

And now, cute little puppies.

It’s true. Pure-bred dogs have become drug mules for Colombian drug traffickers, federal authorities revealed Wednesday.

Smugglers slit open a sedated dog, plop in a package of contraband and ship the animal off to the United States, where recipients are waiting, ready to surgically remove the drugs.

This new method of smuggling was discovered as part of a two-year undercover investigation by agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration who found six Labrador retrievers implanted with three kilos of liquid heroin packets in Medellín, ready to be shipped on a commercial flight into the United States by way of Miami.

To quote the immortal Charles Emerson Winchester III, “I want that vermin hung.