Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good Plan

From Broadsheet at

Broadsheet salutes Cecilia Fire Thunder, first female president of the Oglala Sioux tribe of South Dakota and a longtime advocate of domestic violence prevention and other true family-friendliness. Here’s her response to her state’s abortion ban (which Tim Giago at called “a stupid law against women” created by “a state body made up mostly of white males”):

“To me, it is now a question of sovereignty,” she told Giago. “I will personally establish a Planned Parenthood clinic on my own land which is within the boundaries of the Pine Ridge Reservation where the State of South Dakota has absolutely no jurisdiction.”

I’ve been a big fan of Native Americans asserting their rights and getting back in some fashion what they got screwed out of time and time again in the past. It is with no small sense of satisfaction that I see them taking this position in South Dakota.