Monday, March 13, 2006

Liars and Their Enablers

Everybody expects the White House press secretary to spin, fudge, and obfuscate, but when he lies — I mean really lays a big turd of a lie right out there in front of the cameras and everybody — he should be called on it. Well, here’s a prime example thanks to Glenn Greenwald.

Here, according to an article from Reuters, is what Scott McClellan said today in response to Sen. Feingold’s censure resolution:

“I think it does raise the question, how do you fight and win the war on terrorism?” McClellan said. “And if Democrats want to argue that we shouldn’t be listening to al Qaeda communications, it’s their right and we welcome the debate. We are a nation at war.”

This is not advocacy. This is just lying. No Democrats are advocating that we not listen to Al Qaeda communications, and Scott McClellan knows that. And no journalist ought to pass along this falsehood without pointing out that it is factually false.

Well, I’m not a journalist in the ink-stained-wretch tradition, but I’ll point out that what Mr. McClellan is saying is a steaming pile of bullshit. It’s no surprise, coming from a gang that can’t respond to any challenge without accusing their opponents of treason and desperately trying to lay the blame for their problems on someone else. The only thing worse would be if the White House press corps doesn’t pick up on it and roast him for it.

Yeah, well, I’m not holding my breath. But if the blogosphere can raise the stink, that’s a start.