Tuesday, March 7, 2006

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Fred Grimm in the Miami Herald:

Ion Sancho may be a hero in California, where grateful election officials have verified the “serious security vulnerabilities” in Diebold voting machines that the Leon County election supervisor uncovered last year.

Sancho is regarded a little differently in Florida.

Florida’s secretary of state’s office disparaged Sancho’s finding, demonstrating considerably more interest in propping up vendors than protecting elections.

California, alarmed by Sancho’s report, dispatched its independent, expert-laden Voting Systems Technology Assessment Advisory Board to conduct its own investigation.

Florida, meanwhile, threatened to sue Sancho.

How dare Mr. Sancho interfere with the divine right of Diebold to fix the elections, and whatever gave him the idea that Florida was a place to try to run an honest election in the first place? Didn’t Bush v. Gore teach him anything?