Thursday, March 23, 2006

“Nothing I Do Is My Fault”

No, I’m not the first blogger to catch this little suck-up graf from the New York Times:

By most accounts inside and outside the administration, Mr. Rove is relentlessly cheerful, presenting himself as an optimistic face in a gloomy White House. One person who met Mr. Rove said he attributed Mr. Bush’s problems more to external events, in particular Hurricane Katrina and Iraq, than to anything the White House did wrong.

But it does remind me of the little doggie shirt someone gave Sam when he was a puppy that said in big bold letters across the back:


Calling Iraq an “external event” — a war that the Bush administration campaigned for from the git-go — and saying they have no control over its execution and outcome is delusional. As for Hurricane Katrina, there have been several reports, including one from the Republican-controlled House, reaming out the White House, FEMA, and just about everyone connected with it in an official capacity for their lack of preparedness and bungled response.

It makes you wonder what they feel could be their fault.