Monday, March 13, 2006

Stash It Next to the Duct Tape

From the War Room at

Speaking at a flu summit meeting in Wyoming Friday, the president’s Health and Human Services secretary said that Americans can’t expect the federal government to take care of them if a pandemic strikes. His advice: Stockpile food in your bedroom.

“When you go to the store and buy three cans of tuna fish, buy a fourth and put it under the bed,” Leavitt said. “When you go to the store to buy some milk, pick up a box of powdered milk, put it under the bed. When you do that for a period of four to six months, you are going to have a couple of weeks of food. And that’s what we’re talking about.”

I’m waiting to hear how canned tuna and powdered milk can cure bird flu, because if you’re dead from it, there’s no point in hoarding non-perishable food.

Sheesh. Where do they find these people?