Thursday, April 6, 2006

A Few Questions for Ms. Harris

Fred Grimm of the Miami Herald thinks Florida Senate candidate Katherine Harris needs to answer some questions.

Last month, Harris spoke at the ”Reclaiming America for Christ” conference at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, recalling how studying under Francis Schaeffer in Switzerland was a defining period in her life.

Schaeffer was plenty familiar to a gathering dedicated to retrofitting America into a ”Christian” nation. He was among the founding theologians behind the Christian reconstruction movement, the dominionists, who preach that it is their paramount Christian duty to bring biblical law and “Christian dominion” to North America and the world beyond.

It has always been bad manners to ask a political candidate about faith and religion. But when religious pursuits spill over into governance, or the very transformation of constitutional government, maybe we ought to ask.

Of course, the reconstructionists embrace a wide spectrum of beliefs, but at the extreme end, they would tamper with the long decided legal precedents and extend the death penalty to adultery, homosexuality, blasphemy, heresy and other capital offenses enumerated in the Old Testament.

It just might be worth asking this candidate a few discomfiting questions.

The way things are going in the Harris campaign, however, she may not be around long enough to answer them. Meanwhile, the Florida GOP, according to the Orlando Sentinel, is scrambling to the point of begging someone else to run against Bill Nelson.

Bryan at Why Now? has a good Florida perspective on Ms. Harris’s history and predicament.