Saturday, April 22, 2006

Cage Match

Cal Thomas

This isn’t about one secretary of defense or six generals who don’t like his policies. This is about winning the most dangerous and important war America has ever fought. By going public with criticisms during war, those generals make victory more difficult. They are encouraging the enemy to fight on, believing that we will ultimately surrender. There can be no good that will come from the comments of the former leaders of our volunteer soldiers, at least no good for what they once called “our side.”

David Broder

Rumsfeld and President Bush insist that the manpower and strategy have been exactly what the commanders in the field thought best, but now general after general is speaking out to challenge that claim.

The situation cries out for serious congressional oversight and examination; hearings are needed as soon as Congress returns. These charges have to be answered convincingly — or Rumsfeld has to go.

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