Thursday, April 20, 2006

It’s Always Political

Dan Balz writes about the shake-up at the White House and how the re-alignment will shape the president’s agenda for the rest of his term.

Public disillusionment over Bush’s policies in Iraq have left the country in a sour mood and Bush’s presidency at low ebb, threatening the entire Bush-Rove project to create a durable Republican majority. While that goal remains central to those closest to Bush, the focus at the White House for the foreseeable future will be trying to revitalize this presidency quickly enough to avoid crippling GOP losses in November that could thrust Bush into instant lame-duck status.

It’s interesting to see what the priority of the Bush administration really is: keep a grip on power. Nothing about fixing the problems like the deficit, rebuilding our alliances with foreign powers, fixing the mess of underfunded mandates like No Child Left Behind, rebuilding New Orleans, reaching out for bipartisan support to really get things done on Capitol Hill; it’s all about politics, and you know that if Karl Rove is running it, it will be a scorched-earth policy of demonization, smears, and force-fed talking points to the Borg collective of talking heads and FOX News. Far be it from them to actually give a damn about how to actually make the country better regardless of politics. Of course, if you never make mistakes, why worry?