Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Lessons Learned

Lessons learned are like bridges burned; you only get to cross them but once. – Dan Fogelberg.

From the New York Times:

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld predicted Monday that calls from retired generals for him to step down would fade away, and he dismissed the criticism as a standard part of the history of American combat since the Revolutionary War.

“This, too, will pass,” Mr. Rumsfeld said during an interview with Rush Limbaugh, the conservative nationally syndicated radio host.


In his radio interview, Mr. Rumsfeld said that those who had spoken out against him represented “the same kinds of criticism that occurred in the Revolutionary War and World War I and World War II and the Korean War, Vietnam War; it’s not new.”

Let me remind the Secretary that the opposition to both World War I and II was led by Republicans who were adamant that America should not interfere in the sovereignty of foreign nations or wage unprovoked war against them. As for Vietnam, I don’t take a whole lot of pleasure in saying that the anti-war movement — of which I was a proud member back then — was right. The sadness comes from the fact that we seem to be repeating the very same mistakes that we thought could never happen again.