Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Let It Snow…

So it’s official that Tony Snow will be the new White House press secretary. The sticking point was that he wanted to more than just the newest mynah bird on the podium; he wanted to be “an active participant in administration policy debates.” He’s also taking a big pay cut — to $161,000 — to give up his new gig as a radio talk-show host. Okay, what am I missing here? As a talking head on Fox and doing the Rush schtick, isn’t he already is an active participant in administration policy?

Mr. Snow has been brought on board to smooth over things with the press corps:

A senior administration official said last night that Bush is aware of the “perception of disdain for the institution of the media” on the part of the White House and wants a spokesman who will forge “a good working relationship” with journalists.

The official said the president is also looking for “a forceful advocate for the type of historical change he’s trying to accomplish” and added: “We believe Tony fits the bill in both areas. He has a lot of experience on the air, which with the evolution of the briefings is something you have to take into consideration.”

It’s hard to imagine that putting a new face on the Bush administration’s relationship with the media is going to make any difference whatsoever. It’s like trying to put a new face on a toxic waste dump; a layer of Snow may make it look pretty for a while, but it’s still just a cover for a load of crap.