Wednesday, April 12, 2006

MoDo on the Nuclear Follies

Maureen Dowd from behind the veil of TimesSelect:

Talk about a fearful symmetry.

Iran was whipping up real uranium while America was whipped up by fake uranium.

Obsessed with going to war against a Middle East country that had no nuclear weapon, the Bush administration lost focus on and leverage over a Middle East country hurtling toward a nuclear weapon.

That’s after the Bush crew lost focus on and leverage over an Asian country that says it has now produced a whole bunch of nuclear weapons.

To paraphrase Raymond Chandler, if brains were elastic, these guys wouldn’t have enough to make suspenders for a parakeet.


W. defended his authorization of a leak to rebut Joseph Wilson’s contention that the administration had hyped up a story about Niger selling Saddam uranium. “I wanted people to see the truth,” the president said.

Of course, sometimes in order to help people see the truth, you’ve got to tell them a big fat lie.

As David Sanger and David Barstow wrote in The Times on Sunday, Scooter’s leak about Saddam’s efforts to obtain uranium had already been debunked by the time he leaked it. Colin Powell had told The Times that intelligence agencies were “no longer carrying it as a credible item” by early 2003, when the secretary of state was preparing to make the case against Iraq at the U.N. Only Scooter and Dick Cheney were willing to use a faulty bit of intelligence to defend their war scam.

With Watergate, reporters followed the money. With Monica, Ken Starr followed the stain. With W. and his bananas second banana, Patrick Fitzgerald is following the uranium. All he needs is a Geiger counter.