Thursday, April 6, 2006

More Sickos

Yesterday’s arrest of Brian Doyle for child pornography wasn’t the first government official busted. As TPM Muckraker reports,

Last week, federal agents raided NASA headquarters and siezed computers, CDs and other materials from the office of James Robinson, a program executive with NASA’s In-Space Propulsion, Mission and Systems Management Division. Robinson was accused of trading child pornography online using his work computer.

And another man, also from the DHS, was busted last October.

In October, Tampa’s newly appointed Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agent in charge, Frank Figueroa, was arrested in an Orlando shopping mall, accused of exposing himself to a teenage girl.

Figueroa is scheduled to appear in court this morning to enter a guilty plea in that case.

It turns out that Mr. Figueroa was in charge of Operation Predator — the agency’s program that was set up to catch pedophiles.