Friday, April 14, 2006

Stuff A Sock In It

Katherine Harris on the difference between men and women:

Katherine Harris appeared on the Kathy Fountain show today in Tampa, saying the war in Iraq is going much better than the media reports; that she might support some sort of guest worker program for immigrants, but not what the president supported; and that Washington could “be a lot more responsible” on spending. But those pesky “process” questions kept coming up. Fountain, for instance, asked her if she really believed newspapers had doctored her photos during the 2000 election.

Harris: “I haven’t worn blue eye shadow since 7th grade and some of those photographs had me in blue eye shadow.”
Fountain: “But you don’t really think the newspapers doctored your photos?
Harris: “I just question why there was blue eye shadow. But it doesn’t matter. Why are we talking about this? Kathy, that’s so silly. Because people care about the issues. If the media wants to talk about appearances that’s different, but I’m not going to talk about it. That’s demeaning to women…They don’t talk about men’s balding or their weight, or their diminutive size.”

I wouldn’t touch my next line with a ten-foot pole…

(HT to War Room.)