Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cue the Fat Lady

It looks like it’s time for the haunting but lovely “Turdblossom” aria from that classic opera Don Indictme.

Truthout says:

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald spent more than half a day Friday at the offices of Patton Boggs, the law firm representing Karl Rove.

During the course of that meeting, Fitzgerald served attorneys for former Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove with an indictment charging the embattled White House official with perjury and lying to investigators related to his role in the CIA leak case, and instructed one of the attorneys to tell Rove that he has 24 hours to get his affairs in order, high level sources with direct knowledge of the meeting said Saturday morning.

Robert Luskin, Rove’s attorney, did not return a call for comment. Sources said Fitzgerald was in Washington, DC, Friday and met with Luskin for about 15 hours to go over the charges against Rove, which include perjury and lying to investigators about how and when Rove discovered that Valerie Plame Wilson was a covert CIA operative and whether he shared that information with reporters, sources with direct knowledge of the meeting said.

It was still unknown Saturday whether Fitzgerald charged Rove with a more serious obstruction of justice charge. Sources close to the case said Friday that it appeared very likely that an obstruction charge against Rove would be included with charges of perjury and lying to investigators.

An announcement by Fitzgerald is expected to come this week, sources close to the case said. However, the day and time is unknown. Randall Samborn, a spokesman for the special prosecutor was unavailable for comment. In the past, Samborn said he could not comment on the case.

A word of caution: this is still unofficial, and those of you who plan on popping the champagne corks should keep it on ice until we hear from Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald. And we should also be prepared for an onslaught of smoke, bullshit, and savage spin from the White House and its teeming hordes that will make the attacks on the “liberal media” and the lefty blogosphere so far look like a camp vespers service. And it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to hear them raise the threat level to burnt orange — to match Karl’s jumpsuit, I imagine — and rattle some sabres at Iran, Iraq, and the Federated States of Micronesia just to cover their bases.

Oh, but it will be so worth it.