Thursday, May 4, 2006

Fire on the Right

Cal Thomas is a pompous, sanctimonious, holier-than-thou, arrogant and homophobic collection of cellular matter, so when he goes off on a rant you know it’s going to be a doozy.

So it has come to this: A group of Senate Republicans has proposed $100 rebates to low-income people to ease their “pain at the gas pump.” They also are entertaining the possibility of higher taxes on oil industry profits, as if government does a better job of spending money than private industry. Have they forgotten the last time government imposed a “windfall profits tax” from 1980 to ’88? Oil production fell (but demand grew) as “big oil” had less incentive to explore.

A recent Wall Street Journal editorial called the $100 rebate proposal “destined for the pandering hall of fame.” When Democrats want to hand out checks, Republicans call it “welfare,” and they claim to oppose it on principle. What should it be called when Republicans do it? Hypocrisy?

GOP impotence in the midst of fuel price hikes may be the final proof that this is a party that has run out of gas. Democrats aren’t any better and should they regain a congressional majority this fall, it won’t be long before they again indulge in the same pandering, unethical behavior and content-free politics that has exposed Republican ineptness.


In this fall’s election, can Republicans go to voters with a positive agenda and solid record of accomplishment? From the volatile subject of illegal immigration and lawbreakers demanding “rights” they do not have, to spending on wasteful and unnecessary projects, to a deficit and national debt that would almost shame Democrats (but doesn’t shame Republicans), a majority of congressional Republicans are giving voters little reason to vote for them.

How could a party go from a visionary like Ronald Reagan who changed the world, not to mention restoring American optimism, to the tunnel vision of his illegitimate offspring who seem to care less about change than perpetuating themselves in office? They aren’t even doing a good job of that as the fall election results may show, unless somebody or something quickly lights a fire under them. Never has the derogatory phrase, “Republican in name only,” applied to so many who have done so little for so few.

Being called a bastard by Cal Thomas is considered to be a badge of honor by some people.

I love it when the party that prides itself on the solidarity of their message and the ethos of the collective mindset starts turning on itself; it’s like that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation when the Borg are infected with free will and start to actually think on their own instead of following the orders of the Collective. (Put Ann Coulter in a leotard and you have the next Seven of Nine, right?) It actually might get you to think that, in some ways, they might even be human.