Monday, May 8, 2006

Game Over

From the Washington Post:

The recent White House shake-up was an attempt to jump-start the administration and boost President Bush’s rock-bottom approval ratings, but have those efforts come too late to salvage the presidency? A prominent GOP pollster thinks that may be the case.

“This administration may be over,” Lance Tarrance, a chief architect of the Republicans’ 1960s and ’70s Southern strategy, told a gathering of journalists and political wonks last week. “By and large, if you want to be tough about it, the relevancy of this administration on policy may be over.”

A lot of people will say that this administration has been irrelevant since the day it took office, but given the nature and maturity level of the people running it, I think it’s highly perilous to dismiss them at this point. In fact, now is not the time to ignore them. If anything, we have to be more vigilant than ever; nothing provokes this mindset to desperate action more than being ignored. Duck and cover, Tehran.