Saturday, May 6, 2006

The New Edsel

1960 Edsel

Back in the spring of 1959, when it became clear that the Ford Motor Company had poured billions into a turkey, they scaled back the 1960 Edsels, going from the radical designs that had appeared in 1957 to where the models were not that much different than the basic Ford models, and they cut back the offerings from a wide panoply of models and styles to just three basic styles: hardtop, convertible, and station wagon. But it was too late, and in November 1959, a month after the new models debuted, the plug was pulled and the Edsel became synonymous with a something that had been conceived with a great deal of fanfare, mystery, and intrigue and turned out to be the nothing new… and worse, executed badly.

E.J. Dionne notes that the Republican Party is finding itself at the same place Ford was in back in 1959.