Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Waiting to See…

Questions have been raised about the veracity of Truthout’s scoops over the past weekend of the pending indictment of Karl Rove in the CIA leak case: first the word that he had told the White House he had been indicted, followed by the actual story.

Being unaware of the inside-baseball story of Mr. Leopold and his history with a variety of publications, I dutifully reported the stories and commented on them (here and here), as did a lot of other blogs. And then we sat back and waited for the earth to move.

That was 48 hours ago, and so far we’re still waiting. All that has happened is that we’ve seen a lot of sniping back and forth, some snarky non-comments from Karl Rove, and gloating by some in the right-wing dead-tree press about the unreliability of blogs. Mr. Leopold is holding his ground, however, and he is saying that if it blows up in his face, he’ll name the sources who led him — and the rest of us who went along with him — down the garden path.

And if I got it wrong, I’ll admit it and retract my postings. I won’t delete them; I’ll leave them up as a reminder of the dangers of running a story without independent confirmation. However, if Mr. Leopold is proven right, I can say with a tad of rather un-Quaker-like pride that you heard it here first.

Stay tuned.