Tuesday, June 6, 2006


Some people are all freaked out that today’s date matches up to 666, allegedly “The Mark of the Beast,” according to some scriptural interpretation. (I actually once had a boss who, while not particularly religious, had a phobia about 666 and would adjust a quote or an invoice that had those numbers in sequence. He also skipped any job numbers with that combination, much like buildings that skip the 13th floor.) I don’t hold any stock in superstition or go for any of that stuff — knock wood.

But it’s been recently reported that the book of Revelations was misinterpreted and that the number of the Mark of the Beast is really 616, the area code for Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is, among other things, the home of Amway, the Michigan Republican Party and the Gerald Ford Museum. It is not, unfortunately, the area code for Hell, Michigan, which is playing along with the numerical opportunity to make some publicity for the hamlet 60 miles west of Detroit.

Go figure.