Tuesday, June 6, 2006

I’ll Take It

The Columbia Journalism Review stopped by here yesterday:

In other news, it looks as if the president is trolling for a bump in the opinion polls, and is set to propose a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Bark Bark Woof Woof (sigh, yes, we’re quoting something called Bark Bark, Woof Woof), comes out swinging, arguing that the proposed amendment would “violate the Establishment clause, it would demolish the intent of the ritual itself, turning marriage from a private matter into a weapon of social change. Isn’t that something that the conservative movement has accused the liberals of doing all these years?”

BBWW continues by arguing that in proposing the amendment, “It would seem to me that again Mr. Bush is making the very anti-conservative argument of using the federal government and the Constitution as an instrument of social change.”

Well, they may think the name of the blog is odd, but it’s nice to get noticed nonetheless. Hey, aren’t these the same folks who award the Pulitzer?