Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Jebbie is Da Bomb

Josh Marshall Talking Points Memo finds that Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard has gone completely ga-ga over Jeb Bush.

IF ONLY HIS LAST NAME WERE SMITH. He’d not only attract national attention as the popular and successful governor of a difficult-to-govern state. He’d be viewed sympathetically as a leader who had dealt with family issues–his wife’s aversion to politics, his daughter’s bouts with drug addiction–without losing his grip on the governorship. And he’d be the prohibitive frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008.

But his last name is Bush. So Jeb Bush, nearing the end of his eight years as governor of Florida, has to settle for being the best governor in America. Not proclaimed the best governor by the media and the political community. But recognized as the best by a smaller group: governors who served with him and experts and think-tank and conservative policy wonks who regard state government as something other than a machine for taxing and spending.

Why is Jeb Bush the best? It’s very simple. His record is the best. No other governor, Republican or Democrat, comes close.

As Josh notes, “Why is Jeb the best? Because he is the best! No one rocks as hard as Jeb, bitch!”

In next week’s issue, Fred has a detailed study on how to tell if your Republican boyfriend is truly in love with you or just playing along, and Ann Coulter offers beauty tips.